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Poker Stars Fight for Online Casino Technology

Over 70 million Americans state they enjoy playing online casino technology on a regular basis. Almost as many players also state they are vehemently opposed to the U.S. government’s ongoing attempts to ban casino players from participating in online casino technology. In the latest protest against government involvement in the online casino industry, the National Poker Players Alliance headed to Capitol Hill to make its opposition known.

Michael Bolcerek, the organization’s president, organized professional poker stars last week to court the press, lobby members of Congress and attend an evening reception for members. Online casino technology fans also converged on Capitol Hill, coming from all over the country to protest plans to ban their favorite pastime. U.S. Congress is currently considering legislation that seeks either to block customers’ transactions via to overseas online casino sites or to force internet service providers to deny casino players access to online casino sites.

According to the National Poker Players Alliance, 70 million Americans play various forms of poker technology, 23 million preferring to do so at online casino sites. The Alliance has also been vocal in urging the U.S. government to regulate the online casino industry in the aim of turning it into a domestic business to boost employment and taxation revenues.

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