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Online Casino Service for Alternative Technology

Until recently, Macintosh users could be forgiven for making claims that the online casino industry had passed them and their technology by. But now a new online casino site dedicated to Mac users brings the world of online casino gaming directly to Mac desktops everywhere.

Mac Online Poker was developed by a Mac fan desperate to join in the fun of online casino gaming technology. The online casino boss notes that less than a year ago the only casino fans playing at online casino sites were Windows users. But in the last six months, a flurry of Mac activity has taken place as several major online poker firms rushed to add Mac compatible poker software technology to their sites. The decision to launch his own site for Mac users came when the CEO tried to play in an online poker tournament with a prize on offer of $12,000, only to find his iMac was not compatible.

Today, Mac Online Poker offers full advice on compatibility issues and independently reviews a range of online casino websites for Mac users. The site’s owner says the response from Mac technology fans has been nothing short of “phenomenal” and hopes to introduce further online casino games for Mac users on the site within the year.

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