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Spanish Online Casino Launched by Money Casino

Online casino technology group, Money Casino, launches a partner site in Spanish to be named Casino Dinero. The two online casino sites are licensed with Future Bet. Following a site revamp in February 2006, Money Casino has launched Spanish-language online casino technology called Casino Dinero. The online casino is aimed at the Spanish speaking market which has taken the online casino experience and localized it. All of the site’s features are now available in Spanish including the web contents, registration page, and all of the 45 no download games which the original site offers.

Like the other online casino technology in the group (English and Hebrew language) there are links to a wide selection of online casino payment options in English Pounds, US Dollars and the Euro. The site is a great stepping stone for those Spanish speakers who are taking their first steps in the online casino world – the site offers explanations about games, how to get started, banking information, software usage and more.

Many online casino sites are choosing to become globalized because they realize that the hype of the online casino industry has spread everywhere. An online casino can open up itself to millions of new players simply by translating its site into another language. This is no lack of Spanish speakers in the world and the new Casino Dinero technology will serve Europe and Latin American countries. The site’s owners say that they are not ruling out the possibility of going into more languages in the future.

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