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The Human Face of Online Casino Technology

Technology has taken the human side out of many things, including online casinos. Some people find the automated services just fine, while others would prefer a more personal touch at the online casino. From the moment you begin gambling at online casinos, it’s just you and the machine. Log in with numbers, download software and pay by credit card or online funds transfer service. There is no need to see anyone or hear a human voice when playing at the online casino. That’s just fine if you prefer an experience at online casinos without any human contact.

However, there are others who feel safe in the knowledge that there is someone on the other end and actually enjoy gambling with other people.
This drives home the importance of having good customer service at online casinos. It is not sufficient to reply to customer’s requests or queries via email. Good online casino sites will offer the option of telephone support or live-chat support. Gamblers somehow feel more secure when they know that there is a human being to solve their problems, should they run into any. Another way that online casinos can reach out to those in need of human contact is via live gambling.

Games such as blackjack, roulette and poker offer live dealers and the gambler can talk to the dealer and ask him or her questions about the game, while playing online. Perhaps, in the future, online casinos will find other ways of bringing the human face back into online gambling. This might be done in the way of futuristic graphics or holograms. The sky is certainly the limit for online casinos.

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