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Online Casino Mega Mobile Technology

Wild Jack Mobile Casino, an online casino compatible with mobile technology, is offering super prize of a one million pound jackpot for online casino players. Wild Jack Mobile Casino (WJMC) has launched ‘Major Millions’, an online casinos progressive jackpot slot game with an unprecedented maximum jackpot for a mobile technology game of £1 million. Online casino games on mobile phones is a new and widely untapped market. Those online casino sites that manage to enter into the mobile phone’s market need to offer super-attractive prizes in order for people to become aware of this alternative form of online casino technology.

In order to play, players located in the United Kingdom need to text Wild Jack Mobile online casino, follow the registration process and then download the technology software. Those online casino players who have compatible phones will be spinning the three reels of this classic slot machine in no time and will stand in line of becoming an instant millionaire. £1 million is not your average online casino jackpot!

The mobile phone option for online casino technology is slowly taking root and a few more sites are joining the exclusive ranks of those who offer the service. WJMC said that they were very excited to be the first online casino to market this type of game to mobile phones, which offers players the chance of becoming instant millionaires. There are eight games available to mobile phone players which allows mobile phone holders the chance of experiencing a mini casino in the palm of their hand.

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