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Online Casino Technology Popular with Women

A recent article in UK daily The Times has revealed that an increasing number of UK women are getting involved in online casino technology. What has traditionally been considered a male dominated pastime has won new favor with women thanks to the online casinos variety of poker. And while most female poker fans prefer online casino poker, a larger number are trying their luck at the live game technology than ever before.

Jane Harvey is one example of a successful female online casino technology player. The event coordinator works in the city by day and plays online casino poker at night. Harvey began playing online casino poker but gradually gained in confidence and decided to try live poker. After a few months, she entered a live tournament in London and won 250 pounds sterling after being placed third in the event. Harvey now says that although she prefers to play socially and still indulges in online poker every few nights, she feels confident that she can hold her own against professional technology players in a competitive environment.

Recent studies support Harvey’s view that increasing numbers of women are gaining confidence playing online casino poker technology before attempting the live game. One of the factors that attract women to online casino poker is the ability to study the game and develop confidence and strategy without fear of criticism. Many women also seem to agree that playing poker in a female only environment is more relaxing and enjoyable.

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