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Online Casino Web TV Listings Technology

Online casino poker portal has launched has prepared a list of WebTV venues that are compatible with online casino software. The list includes the user-friendliness and success of each online casino WebTV technology.

Compatible Poker, an online casino portal specializing in the poker technology, has prepared and released a list of WebTVs which are compatible with online casino software. The portal also included comments on whether the online casino software was user-friendly, valid and useful. Web TV, has a small niche in the online casino industry and is serviced by only a few operators.

The list compiled by the online casino portal listed that there were only three successful WebTV technology but that each and every one of them was very compatible with online casino software, and that they are all great products. Slot Land is one of the online casino sites considered compatible with the Web TV online casino listing. Slot Land took over from Star Luck which lost its place on the listing because it had removed its no-download technology from its site, which made it incompatible.

There is apparently no online casino poker technology that can be supported by WebTV. The reasons given are that the platform cannot run Java or download programs, and can therefore not download, save and run the technology. New and improved platforms and technology are being offered to the online casino industry on a constant basis and lists like this one help keep the consumer informed of changes and developments.

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