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Technology Programmer Wins Online Casinos Tournament

Following in the footsteps of Kevin Ambrose, who won a seat to the World Poker Tour after winning an online casino tournament, comes news of another lucky winner. Ken Kafieh beat 55 other casino players in poker in an online casinos tournament recently to win the coveted $18,500 seat to the competition. The Canadian technology programmer will attend this year’s WPT’s Bellagio Five Diamond main event and test his luck against fellow online casinos fans and poker professionals from all over the world.

Kafieh won the online casino tournament hosted by Poker Room after boosting his confidence playing poker technology at online casinos for a month beforehand. The 36-year-old stated that he felt confident competing against the small number of entrants at the tournament due to his success in larger online competitions. His total prize from the online casinos competition included $3,200 for travel and accommodation for the Las Vegas event on December 12, and the $15,300 entry fee for the main event.

Despite learning the game only ten months ago at the online casino, Kafiah has expressed a strong desire to go professional and says he spends over three hours every day playing poker technology at online casinos. He hopes to use the experience he gains at the WPT to help him achieve his goal but admits to feeling intimidated at the prospect of facing some of the most skilled poker professionals in the world.

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