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Online Casino Technology for Interactive Poker Launched

An online casino has launched a new technology system which is suited for interactive poker on all platforms. The online casino technology is suitable for phones, televisions and the internet. Zone 4 Play, an online casino, has announced the launch of a new poker game which will soon become available to 10 million households in the United Kingdom. The online casino game, Face-Up Hold’em is designed for several electronic gaming platforms. The online casino poker-based game is a new form of the popular game which took the online casino industry by storm last year and generated $4 billion in revenues.

Face-Up Hold’em is based on the popular online casino game of Texas Hold’em but has a twist with fixed odds. The online casino game will be available for all interactive platforms in the United Kingdom. These platforms include mobile phones, the internet and interactive television. The marketing of the technology, however, will be focused on the interactive television sector. Online casino games on television is becoming a popular trend.

The online casino game will enable TV viewers to take part in special poker TV shows. They will be able to bet on each hand regarding the results of the game being played. The CEO of the online casino said that he was very excited about the new game and was looking forward to see how it will be accepted into the market. He further added that the poker game was the biggest winner last year in the online casino industry, and that Zone 4 Play decided to widen this game’s playing option even more.

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