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Some British Prefer Online Casinos Technology to Sex

A recent report has revealed that British men are more willing to forego some regular pastimes and play at online casino technology. The popular pastimes that were passed over for online casinos are sex, TV and even a pint.

In a joint survey that was performed by an online casinos magazine and an online casino site Inter Casino, the leisure trends of British men were examined in terms of playing at online casino technology. The survey showed some interesting results about the men’s choice of pastimes and previously misconstrued stereotypes were thrown out the window.

The report showed that up to one tenth of the men who participated in the survey would give up their current jobs in order to play online casino technology professionally. 3% of those surveyed said that they visited online casinos during their working hours, while more than two-thirds play at online casinos for more than five hours a week. The men’s most popular technology games were poker, followed by blackjack and roulette.

Online casino technology has also impacted British pastimes. Thousands of gamblers would prefer to logon to the online casinos instead of going to the pub or to watch TV. Some admitted that they prefer to play in their underwear on even naked. There were even some who stated that they preferred online casinos to sex. It should be noted that the survey included mostly men with the profile of between the ages of 24-35, most were married and also held down full-time jobs.

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