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Online Casino Exchange Comparison Technology

New technology allows players the chance to compare the online casino gambling and betting exchange available and to make an instant decision about the best gambling location.

Nobody wants to be taken for a ride. We all like to comparative shop, looking around and making sure we get the best online casino deals available. When someone has to physically go from one shop to another to compare prices, this process can take too much time and energy. With the advent of the internet and -commerce, this process was made easier by websites which offer to do the comparative shopping for the online casino customer. With the boom of the online gambling industry and the popularity of online gambling, one clever developer has recently found a niche in the market and is offering a comparative analysis of online casino gambling and betting exchanges for online casino players.

The new online casino technology launched by Global Gaming Technologies allows gambling players to literally shop around. Betting exchange gambling players have the opportunity to compare the best prices on different betting exchanges and to interact with different exchanges with one click. The company is saying that this is the first platform of its kind offering this service to the online casino gambling industry.

Global Gaming Technologies has developed a product for the online casino gambling industry that allows live feeds from a number of exchanges to be displayed simultaneously. Online gambling customers would be able to see where the best value bets are located. The subscribers will be able to see the bet exchange amounts side by side before deciding where to gamble.

OCA News Editor