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New Poker Technology for Online Casino Fans

A new technology device created by online casino fans Kristin Cranford and Kevin King is about to give poker at online casinos a new air of authenticity. The duo’s new Poker Padz tool is about to hit the market soon and its two inventors have already been contacted by several online casinos interested in purchasing the technology device.

The Poker Padz device replaces the mouse tool commonly used to navigate online casino. Poker Padz technology operates the same as any other mouse device except that the clicking sound that occurs when an onscreen selection is made at online casinos has been designed to replicate the sound of poker chips being stacked together. Manufactured in green felt, the device is complemented by a mouse pad in the shape of a casino table. As a package, both tools are designed to enhance the gaming experience found at online casinos by providing the sights and sounds players may experience in a live poker environment.

While the Poker Padz technology idea was quickly patented by King and Cranford, the two online casinos fans say the tool could easily be adopted by gaming firms who could place their own branding on the surface of the device. A number of leading online casinos have expressed interest in purchasing Poker Padz technology and modifying it to suit their specific requirements.

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