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Online Casino Moves into Mobile Gaming Technology

Following the rise of mobile gambling technology, several leading online casino firms have announced plans to offer traditional online casino games via mobile gaming platforms. The mobile gaming buzz has forced many online casinos to enter into strategic partnerships with software providers in an attempt to become market leaders in innovative mobile gaming technology.

One Gibraltar based online casino company has recently announced that mobile phone gaming technology will be the focus of nearly its entire research and development budget for 2006. Online casino company Mansion has recently released twelve of its casino games onto its new mobile gambling platform. Free to download, the software and technology is compatible with over 50 different phone models and includes games such as slots, video poker, baccarat and blackjack. Online casino fans can play internationally and can choose from a range of currencies for betting purposes.

However while companies like Mansion are keen to extol the virtues of mobile gambling technology, other online casino firms are doubtful that revenues will reach the heights predicted by some analysts. Party Gaming is one firm reluctant to invest in mobile gaming, viewing the medium as a passing fad. Other firms have also expressed reticence toward plans to bring online casino poker to the mobile platform, citing the nature of the game makes it incompatible with mobile gaming technology, which is best left for sports betting firms to take advantage of.

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