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Online Casino Launches Check Free Technology

Pinnacle Sports online casino has launched a new financial management solution which minimizes financial risks, a big factor in the online casino industry.

The online casino industry, more than any other e-commerce industry, is exposed to the risks of financial fraud via technology. The vast amounts of money flowing through the online casino industry every day, make them more vulnerable than other industries – when the stakes are higher, the risks are higher. The online casino industry is always looking for better and more secure financial technology systems.

Pinnacle Sports, a sports online casino, has just launched its Operational Risk Management technology which is designed to monitor financial risk, optimise the resolution and reporting of exceptions in its customers’ accounts, and automate its bank account reconciliations. This system, which is heralded in the online casino industry, is aimed to make the work of the online casino finance team dramatically shorter and much more efficient. The software technology allows the accounts reconciliation to be performed in a mere 45 minutes, as opposed to the normal time of eight hours.

The online casino has said that with the launch of this technology system, and the extra level of transparency, it minimizes the company’s exposure to operational risk and minimizes costs through improved operational control. The managing director of the online casino said that with the growth of their website and the online casino industry as a whole has been exceptional, but along with this growth, also comes the need for stricter and tighter financial management packages.

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