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7.8 Million Americans Enjoy the Online Casino Technology

A top American newspaper published some interesting statistics about the number of Americans that play at the online casino technology, even though online casinos are illegal in the United States.

The Legal Times has recently published an article about the online casino gambling trends of Americans. The article addressed the issue of the popularity of online casino technology as a pastime with Americans, but on the other hand the fact that on a legislative level, the online casino is still illegal.

The article stated that although online casino gambling and it’s technology is illegal in the United States, the numbers indicate different. It claims that during 2005, 7.8 million Americans logged onto online casinos and that that online technology industry generated $12 billion in revenue in 2005 alone. With these figures as their ‘proof’ many land-based casinos are pushing for the legalization of the online casino in order to cash in on this niche in the market.

The article also explains some of the current political moves by lobby groups to block the legalization of the online casino technology in the United States. Despite these numbers, which could also be thought to be on the low side, when considering the vast number of people on the online casino login registration records, there is not much hope of legalized internet gambling in the near future. The article concludes that the chances are even more slim, especially if the powerful AGA (American Gaming Association) fails to come out in support of such a measure. However, numbers do not lie: Legal or not, American seems to be enjoying playing the online casino technology, despite it all.

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