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Online Casino Technology Flying with Jet Blue

The great combination of online casino technology and flying is being offered by Jet Blue on their flight 292. Gambling enthusiast can enjoy gambling way up high. If online casino gambling gives you a high, then taken literally, this is where you belong: On Jet Blue flight 292. Jet Blue has recently started including gambling and online casino games on their flights while in the air. A person can enjoy their same online gambling games but from a slightly different perspective – all the way up high.

Gambling and casino games have been a talked about subject in the aviation industry for some time. With an abundance of free times on their hands while in the air, the passengers are always looking for forms of entertainment. If gambling and online casino technology are offered, all the better. If casino games can be played from mobile phones, then there is no reason that the same online gambling and casino games can not and should not be played from the air.

The issue of online casino technology in flights has a notorious history with the airline industry. Several years ago, screens which were attached to the back of passengers’ seats allowing them to gamble, caused an internal fire on the plane and caused it to crash. This is one of the main reasons that the airline industry has not rushed forward into the gambling market for a few years. The security and safety of their passengers has to come first, despite the temptation of new online casino technology advancements.

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