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Online Casino Three Card Poker Technology Sweeping Through

Three card poker technology is a new and very popular game at online casinos world wide. The popularity of the game has been felt in the online casino industry and there is currently a rush to determine which online casino will be the first to implement the game of three card poker as a standard in its line of online casino games.

Three card pokertechnology , in the online casino version, is actually two games in one. The game includes “PairPlus” and “Ante and Play”. As with the regular game, online casino players can bet on either games or on both, and also with varying amounts. PairPlus is considered to be a simple game where the player is dealt three cards and they are played according to their value. In the online casino version, there is no raising or discarding. If the dealer qualifies or beats the player’s hand, it doesn’t matter. If the dealer’s hand has a pair or a better, they win.

Ante and Play starts out with a wager on the ante. After the three cards are viewed, players can raise or choose to bid an equal. They can also fold and lose the ante. Online casino players will experience the fun of this new and exciting game technology. It is expected that most of the online casino sites will be offering three card poker soon. Now, it is just a matter of a race to the finish.

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