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Online Casino Technology Survey Problem Gamblers

While many opponents of legalizing online casino technology cite gambling addiction as a major source of concern, many online casinos are keen to do more to assist problem gamblers. A new survey developed by the University of Chicago aims to assist problem gamblers perform self-diagnosis. The survey has been applauded by online casino operators and social action groups alike.

The survey was developed by the University of Chicago with the intention of helping potential problem gamblers at online casinos identify addiction in its early stages. Questions such as “were you irritable or restless on one or more of the times when you tried to cut down or stop your gambling technology activity at online casinos?” are graded on a numerical scale, with a score of five or over indicating the respondent has a gambling technology problem. The survey is currently being trialed at a selection of eCOGRA online casino sites.

Chief executive of eCOGRA Andrew Beveridge states that although the questionnaire is voluntary and players of online casino technology can choose not to participate in it, valuable data is being collected which will go toward strengthening player protection policies at eCOGRA online casinos. Further surveys are planned in the future to address a range of issues with the next one concentrating on online underage gambling.

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