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Online Casino Fears Poker Bot Revolution

New technology such as CptPokr has the potential to revolutionize the poker industry at the online casino. The first poker robot has ruffled feathers in several online casinos with some insiders accusing the robot’s inventor Ray E. Bomert of foul play and cheating. The robot, which operates in tandem with Bomert’s WinHoldEm software, has the potential to change the way in which poker fans approach their favorite game at online casinos.

CptPokr’s technology enables the robot to remain on autopilot while it makes strategic decisions based on the processing of algorithms. These algorithms help CptPokr to determine the best times for raising or folding its hand while playing poker at online casinos. It can also share information with other robots. This is obviously some cause for concern for online casinos worried about accusations of operating under unfair circumstances and fixing games. While poker bots can be beaten by unfavorable hands or better players at online casinos just the same as human players can, many believe that an influx of poker-playing robots could seriously damage the industry.

CptPokr’s inventor is quick to point out that computer-assisted tools have always been used in online casinos. Bomert claims poker bots give the player an added advantage and intends to prove it by successfully marketing CptPokr and the WinHoldEm software internationally. The full package will cost the online casino fan $200, with a basic version priced at $25. How the industry intends to address the poker bot issue remains to be seen. However it does seem inevitable that online casinos will develop some way of detecting and preventing robot activity.

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