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Gibraltar’s Tougher Policies toward Online Casino Technology

Following both national and international calls for further transparency on its policies toward online casino operators, Gibraltar has recently passed new legislation to address licensing issues. Previously the country had been considered a safe and relaxed location for online casino operators to base themselves. But with legalization and regulation issues under scrutiny in many countries, Gibraltar’s government has decided to listen to its neighbors and toughen up on the licensing of online casino technology firms.

Two of the most well known online casino technology operators in Gibraltar are poker firm PartyGaming and Cassava Enterprises. Despite their sound reputations, both companies will have to comply with the country’s new licensing laws. Each online casino site will have to meet a determined list of criteria in order to receive a license in Gibraltar. A strict age verification process and regular software testing are just two of the new criteria specified under the legislation, and failure to comply results in an online casino site losing their license.

The reasons behind the new legislation are commonly thought to be based on Gibraltar’s eagerness to comply to the United Kingdom standards for online casino technology operators. Gibraltar currently has an agreement with the United Kingdom to advertise its online casino services to the UK public, therefore adherence to UK gambling standards is very much in the country’s best interests.

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