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Celebrity Endorsements Boost Advertising for Online Casino Technology

We’re all familiar with the use of celebrities and well known personalities in advertising campaigns for food products, financial services, and healthcare products. But isn’t a celebrity choosing to endorse an online casino site still considered slightly unusual? Not anymore. A growing number of online casino fans just happen to be celebrities. The likes of actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are self-confessed poker fans, and have played in celebrity poker tournaments to raise money for needy charities. More recently, some celebrities have started to endorse their favorite online casino technology sites and a new marketing trend has been born.

One of the most famous deals between an online casino firm and a celebrity involves Jesse Ventura, former wrestling personality and U.S. governor of Minnesota. Ventura’s deal with online casino operator was publicized widely when the star appeared in television and print commercials endorsing the firm. The use of such a prominent figure was considered a shrewd move by the online casino operator, as Ventura’s popularity was highest amongst people of the same age group the casino technology site was trying to reach.

Similarly in the United Kingdom and Australia, celebrities have appeared in support of online casino advertising. Moves to legalize online casino gambling in some countries have also drawn support from local celebrities. Using personalities in gambling campaigns gives further acceptability to the industry as a whole and doesn’t seem to harm a celebrity’s career either. So who knows who we may next see promoting the excitement of online gambling?

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