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Bigger and Better iGaming Online Casino Technology Conference

Conferences and conventions are an important factor in any industry. In the online casino industry, these conferences are an opportunity to see technology and be seen. This is the purpose of the iGaming online casino conference to be held in Montreal on the 16-18 May, 2006. The online casino industry has a number of conferences every year, and each one attempts to be bigger and better than the previous event.

The theme chosen for this year’s online casino conference is “No Limits”. The 8th Annual Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo (GIGSE) in Montreal’s, Palais des Congres wishes to show the world the limitless growth and potential in the online casino gaming industry. The conference aims to push for further acceptance into the legitimacy and reliability of online casino gaming technology.

GIGSE 2005 witnessed a growth of 50% in attendance and exhibition space than the 2004 event. GIGSE 2006 is hoping to follow this trend. Movers and shakers in the online casino industry are aware that these events allow the opportunity to boast new online casino technology games, technologies, billing systems and multi-media advancements. Given the growth in the market and the limitless potential for these companies, this conference should be a must-attend event in order to show off their wares and to make an appearance. It is generally considered standard that if you are anyone in the online casino world, you attend these conferences at any cost.

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