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How Technology Effects Online Casino Gambling

The UK Gambling Commission is in debate with the government because of anti online casino remarks it made. Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary is pushing for a super casino to be constructed in the UK. Right now the bill has yet to be approved but she is pushing for online gambling and gambling reforms in the UK so that the new super casino projects can be pushed through. The plan to reform online casino gambling in the UK has been going on for some time. Some argue that online casino technology is easier to access than land based casinos and therefore players should just stick to the online version of casino gambling.

One Government official in the UK came up with this comment about gambling at the casino: “Ministers were frustrated by the casino article. The gambling industry should be subject to strict controls said one member of the UK government in order to make sure no serious reforms are passed and online casinos become legal in the UK. There is an anti-gambling lobby in the UK that wants to see that online casinos remain illegal in the UK.

The Gambling Commission in the UK designed to regulate both the land based and the online casino industry in the UK has been criticized as being too lax. For now the players in the UK will only have the option to take advantage of online casino technology which will allow them to play on the net but the new super casino projects may be approved some time soon.

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