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New Online Casino Software Company

With the number of online casino players constantly on the rise, there is always a demand for new online gambling sites. Therefore, it follows that there is a demand for someone to come along and build the back end technology that will power the online casinos. That’s were a new online casino software developer by the name of Bits Corp comes into play. They are one of the newest software companies to hit the online casino market.

Online Casino software developers Bits Corp recently signed a joint agreement with online casino giants The Palace Group and Microgaming. These are companies that are known for developing and providing the technology, in the form of downloadable software, to some of the best online casinos on the net. If players are looking for top online casino software then Bits Corp is a name that should be well known to them.

The share price for Bits Corp jumped up this month after it held talks with major online gambling companies to use its technology that will help spread the profits between the other companies. A company spokesperson for Bits Corp said: “The company will utilize its developed technology in the field of online gambling on a revenue sharing basis.”

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