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New Slots Technology Targets Online Casino Players

A recently added technology that is geared towards slots players at the casino is causing a buzz. The new technology will allow fans of casino slots to use a swipe card to play their favorite slots games at the betting price they choose. This way both high rollers and amateur casino players can enjoy the same slots games. The swipe card technology will also keep track of the players betting patterns including wins and losses.

IGT is the company behind the new slots technology and their spokesman Ed Rogich recently commented on how well the slots technology is already doing at the casinos: “Today, if I have a slot floor with 2,000 machines and I want to make changes, I’d have to go to each and every one of them, open them up and change out the components. Not only does that take a lot of time, but the machines are down for that period of time.”

This new breakthrough in casino technology is somewhat modeled after the online casino slots system which uses software to keep tally of the casino players wins and losses. This is much more efficient then having to deal with loose change and needing to employee change dispensers at the casinos. The online casino operators may have inadvertently provided the blue prints for this new slots technology.

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