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US Players Prefer Local Online Casinos

Online casinos are a global market and allow users from all over the world to play in casinos which are based halfway around the globe. But a recent poll shows that many American players are in favor of localizing online casinos to the States. At the moment, the law prohibits online casinos from being based on American soil.

The poll, conducted by a marketing research company which specializes in collecting data from the public on diverse issues, shows that more than two thirds of the people who participated voted in favor of a change to the current law. They would prefer for online casinos to be based in America and not necessarily overseas. Only about a third claimed they didn’t mind playing in online casinos which are based overseas. Based on these results, it is very possible that the pressure of public opinion will bring renewed discussion of the current law by the authorities and it may be changed in favor of online casinos.

The main reason for such a change is not only the public’s opinion, but also the fact that online casinos based in the States could bring additional revenue to the government. Online casinos and gaming in general is an impressive market which, according to estimates, brings spending of about $10 billion in recent years. This may mean that online casinos on American soil could bring the government an additional $1.8 million a year. Public pressure and economic considerations may tilt the scale in favor of online casinos soon.

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