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Online Casino Technology May Face Ad Ban

The online casino industry in the UK suffered a minor setback when recent legislation put forth suggested that a total ban on online gambling was needed in the UK. The point of the ban is to reinforce the fact that online casino gambling remains illegal in the UK. But the technology behind online casinos allows players from any country to play online in the internet arena that is not bound by any jurisdiction. The advertisements for online casinos that appear in public transportation settings in the UK may face total censorship.

But advertising for the online casino industry still remains a grey area. People can freely play on the internet by downloading the technology they need to play casino games to their computers. This allows them to enjoy online casino gambling. Much of the advertising for online casino gambling in the UK is featured on the subway and on taxi cabs. Advertising for online gambling is still a grey area in the UK.

Some argue that the ads for online casinos solicit new players to try out gambling sites. One official had this to say about the online casino ad ban: “The precise ways in which online gambling companies can advertise is under review by the Gambling Commission.
The vast majority of operators obey the law, so current advertising campaigns are not under threat.”

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