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New Blackjack Software Tough on Online Casino Player

The one game at the online casino that offers the best odds to the player is blackjack. In a normal casino the player can try to count cards and will get a rough idea of whether his odds of winning at blackjack are better than before. But the online casinos are fighting back with a new form of software that makes winning at online casino blackjack more challenging.

Bally’s, provider of electronic gambling software, is marketing a player technology software that will make blackjack harder to win at. The reason is because the software is designed to offer an even lower payout than normal. This can seriously diminish the player’s chances of winning at the online casino. Unlike the land based casino, the outcome of the casino game is based on an RNG, not a specific number of cards in a deck.

Dave Lucchese of Bally explains how the software works to cut back the players advantage at the online casino: “After you’ve played a series of hands, this table and its computer will evaluate your play, keep track of whether you are an advantage player or not, keep track of what you hit, when you hit it and how you hit when the deck was positive or negative.”

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