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How Online Casino Technology Effects Television

A new TV show geared towards online casino fans will air in the US. The new program, entitled The Small Town Poker Tour will feature a nation wide search for the best non professional poker player in the US. The show will certainly appeal to players of the online casinos. In fact if it weren’t for the technology that allows online casino gambling there probably wouldn’t really be a reason to produce such shows.

Only over the last several years, since online casino technology started bringing in so many players have television shows like The Small Town Poker Tour started to emerge. Other poker based high stakes competitions and televised celebrity poker matches have proven successful. So if the formula fits then why not try to capitalize on it even more? The makers of The Small Town Poker Tour are doing just that thanks to online casino players.

The Small Town Poker Tour starts with a massive US tour and may follow with additional tours of Europe, Canada and Asia. The increase in interest of online casino gambling and the technology that allows it as well as a general poker fever have helped create an audience for such programs. “We are serious about making the STPT the finest amateur poker tour in the world and the partnership with The Division brings us the top people in the business of poker” said the executive producer.

OCA News Editor