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When Technology Fails the Casino

One casino recently took a loss due to a technological error that may end up costing the casino millions of dollars. The Harrah’s Casino in Illinois may end up losing as much as $6 million due to a printing error. The casino had sent out as many as 11,000 flyers that contained information about a new promotion for players to cash in on, promising $255 for each player who visits the casino.

In fact the amount was really supposed to be $5 not $255 and this minor printing error could potentially cost the casino millions in losses. To date the casino has refused to pay this $255 out to the players demanding it justifying non payment because of the printing error or typo as they call it.

But the gaming board has declared that the casino must honor its advertisement even if it was the fault of a printing error. It is not know whether the printing company responsible for the error works in-house with the casino or whether the job was outsourced. This is one technological slip up that has got the casino fuming and many players are insisting that the casino cough up the money.

OCA News Editor