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Mobile gambling at a casino near you

With reports of mobile gambling being allowed in Nevada land casinos appearing on many online casino websites, it wasn’t all that surprising that news of just such a technological and legal breakthrough would prompt Cantor Fitzgerald to open an office in Sin City itself – Las Vegas. A groundbreaking measure on mobile gambling, A.B. 471, signed into law by Nevada governor Kenny Guinn last June, empowers casinos to offer customers casino games like slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and of course poker on mobile devices such as PDAs and tablet PCs on the premises of whatever casino they are registered with. Cantor Fitzgerald played a major role in lobbying for the legislation.

To be more accurate, it wasn’t exactly Cantor Fitzgerald that opened up in Las Vegas, but Cantor Gaming. Cantor Gaming, one of the entertainment arms of Cantor Fitzgerald, in Europe recently launched the Cantor Casino – an online casino sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald. Online gambling – be it on computers or mobile phones or whatever – in the United States is technically illegal, though no federal laws specifically prohibit the act.

Should mobile gambling indeed be implemented in Las Vegas at Vegas casino sites, it would revolutionize the land-based gambling industry, which has managed to separate itself from online casino operators in terms of the scope of money involved and customer satisfaction as well. If you are able to simply walk into a land-based casino, use your PDA or Blackberry or tablet PC from the comfort of your hotel room while others go downstairs to the main casino hall, it may end up that land-based casinos begin the lobbying effort to have online casino gambling legalized in the United States so that not only can the people visiting the hotel-casino gamble at their casino, but people thousands of miles away as well.

OCA News Editor