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Playtech Leads Online Casino Technological Innovation

Playtech is a name often associated with online casinos. That’s because they supply the software needed for online gambling to some of the best online casino sites on the net. So when they announced that they may consider floating their stock on the market all sorts of speculation about the online casino software provided started coming out. It is rumored that Playtech is worth as much as £300 million.

Playtech is a leading a provider of online casino software and they recently started toying with the idea of a public offering on the stock market. In order to do so and Playtech has hired outside help in order to build a strategic that may help them generate even higher profits. Until then they simply remain one of the top online casino software providers on the net.

Some of Playtech’s clients that use its software go beyond online casino. Some clients of there are: Tote, BetFred and West Ham United Football Club and others. It is yet to be determined if they will proceed with the float but the online casino analysts and industry insiders are watching closely.

OCA News Editor