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New Online Poker Technology for the Blind

Online casinos are enjoyed by millions of players every day from all over the globe. The technology used to simulate all the fun and action of a real casino relies on internet communication, high speed modems and graphical software. There are a number of casino software innovators that are always pushing the envelop by adding new features to the games and allow for new ways to play online casinos such as Flash instant technology which does not require a download.

But now there has been a new breakthrough in online casino technology –software designed especially for the blind. Blind players will be able to enjoy all the fun and excitement of the online casino using the new software designed just for the online casino. Braille cards have existed for a quite some time. This is just one way the blind can enjoy a real game of poker.

But when it comes to online casino poker there have not been many technological advancement to help them out –until now. Using screen reading technology blind people can play at the online casino and enjoy poker and other great gambling games. Screen reader technology is a software that reads out loud everything that appears on the computer screen. This same process has been used for blind players who wish to play at poker online casinos.

OCA News Editor