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CryptoLogic Software Technology Sees Growth

CryptoLogic is one of several large software developers that provide the necessary technology to online casinos so that the player can enjoy the games via their home computers. This online casino software company recently revealed that its profits have been rising and that they saw an 80% rise in third-quarter profit, making a profit of $5.1 million. The online casinos basically could not function without the essential services provided by this technological giant.

Lewis Rose is the president of CryptoLogic and was obviously happy about the financial success of the business. He commented that: “Despite the fact that poker has shown so much growth potential, we consider poker to be the sizzle; casino is the steak.” Rose continued, and shed some light on new games to be available at the online casinos soon: “We are very optimistic about the future of the casino. It’s very exciting to be able to battle villains, hunt vampires and smash tanks to win substantial cash prizes,”

CryptoLogic is taking their software technology to unexplored territory by fusing some well known comic characters and super heroes with their online casinos. Players will soon be introduced to games at the CryptoLogic casino that feature the Hulk and X-Men. Some other online casino software developers have been dabbling in non conventional games at the online gambling sites recently.

OCA News Editor