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Technology Can’t Stop Cheating at the Casino

The casino industry loses millions every year due to player cheating. This is much easier to pull off at a land based casino than an online casino. Players who cheat at the casino have figured out ways to increase their chance of winning through technology and by using card counting systems that help them win. Card counting is not accepted in many casinos across the US and in other countries and so the cheating players have invented ways to do it discreetly.

Richard Marcus is a player that has used technology to beat the casino and is suspected of winning millions of dollars from the casinos. “This long time casino player said he is more or less retired but is still widely regarded as a leading authority on casino cheating. Marcus scammed a reported $5 million in Atlantic City, N.J., Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo over a 25-year period.”

Using card counting technology has helped him win many games at the land based casino. Marcus was quoted as saying: “In fact, having technology to fall back on is actually making pit bosses and dealers less attuned to what might be happening right under their noses.”

OCA News Editor