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Iceland Reaches World Cup Playoffs for First Time

Iceland Reaches World Cup Playoffs for First Time

The Icelanders are rejoicing after their national team made it through to the UEFA World Cup Qualification Playoffs by drawing 1-1 with Norway to confirm their second-place finish in Group E.

Iceland Reaches World Cup Playoffs for First Time

For the first time in the country’s history Iceland has reached the UEFA World Cup Playoffs.

The game was billed as the most important match in the country’s football history and before the game it looked as if the team would have to beat Norway in order to ensure a place in the playoffs. However, thanks to the other results a tie was all that was needed. Nonetheless, Norway was out for revenge and achieving the desired result was anything but straightforward.

It didn’t take long for Iceland to go 1-0 up, Kolbeinn Sigthorsson scored the goal, the 23-year-old Ajax striker hit the back of the net after just 12 minutes. However, 18 minutes later Norway’s Daniel Braaten scored an equalizer.
Luckily Iceland managed to hold it together and prevent Norway from scoring another.

The Icelandic team now has two even more important matches to prepare for against a number of potential opponents such as Croatia, France and Portugal. The identity of the teams they face will be decided in the UEFA World Cup qualification playoff draw on Monday October 21st.

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