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Crowdpark Launches Social Football Betting Application

Just in time for Euro 2012 Crowdpark has released a new football game “90Live”. This is the first dedicated football betting game on Facebook and allows players to bet on any match throughout the Euro 2012 tournament.

Just in time for the Euro 2012, Crowdpark have launched 90Live, the first football betting application for Facebook.

This new game brings out the best social aspects of football; it offers live bets, weekly predictions and fun trivia questions. It successfully combines the fun of online social interaction with the thrill of a football match. Fans can compete for the top status with virtual currency, support their favorite teams and try to get their country to the top of the rankings.

Crowdpark is celebrating the Euro 2012 with a special “Euro mode” for 90Live. In the Euro Mode players can answer trivia questions on the tournament, bet on games, receive special offers and earn points. At the height of the tournament 90Live will be offering players the chance to win a PlayStation 3 with a FIFA 12 game as well as Samsung smartphones, jerseys and some official Euro 2012 footballs.

Martin Frindt, co-founder of Crowdpark has said that “Live in-play betting is the fastest growing type of sports betting and we’re excited to be pioneering real-time football betting on Facebook.” He went on to say that he believes that 90Live will continue to place Crowdpark in the social betting field with “a vast market potential.”

Last year gross revenues of the online gambling industry were $31.4 billion. Of that $13.5 billion (or 43%) was generated through betting. Football is by far the most popular sport for betting and football fans are known to particularly enjoy gambling.

As social media spreads across the globe it has allowed football fans to express their passion more publicly. 90Live will appeal to this new generation of football betters on Facebook as it combines different elements of their lifestyles.

OCA News Editor