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Incredible Winning Football Accumulator Bets

Incredible Winning Football Accumulator Bets

Many people enjoy a bet on their favourite team occasionally. Mostly people place bets with fairly short odds and will often win a small amount. While this is great, it isn’t going to make anyone rich. However, increasingly, people are placing football accumulator bets, these combine a number of different bets together and can result in extremely long odds. When they win they produce some astronomical payouts for those who have placed them. Here is a look at some of the most successful accumulator bets of recent years.

£5 Bet With Odds of 9,172/1 Wins £45K

Back in the 2015/16 Premier League season Everton were suffering against West Bromwich Albion. Saido Berahino had scored just before half-time and then Craig Dawson doubled the lead early in the second half. Everton had just 35 minutes left to try to salvage the situation.

While all Everton fans will have been suffering, perhaps none so much as a punter who had placed a six-fold accumulator with William Hill for Liverpool to best Aston Villa, Reading to beat Burnley, Cardiff to beat Charlton, Bury to beat Coventry, Sheffield United to beat Doncaster and Everton to beat West Bromwich, with both teams scoring in each game.

He had won five of the six but it seemed that Everton was going to ruin his chance to win a massive £45,000 from his £5 bet. However, things soon started to turn around. First Romelu Lukaku got one back and then Arouna Koné levelled the match with 15 minutes still to play. Then a last minute effort from Lukaku completed the comeback and ensured that the punter was left a very happy man.

£5.05 Bet With Odds of 22,970/1 Wins £116K

In 2015 George Wood, 22 was in need of a boost having been diagnosed with MS. He was confident he had found this with a 10-match accumulator bet. In fact, he was so confident that he spent £17,000 of the prize money on a new Renault Megane a week before the final match of the accumulator.

The ninth game on the list, Paris Saint-Germain vs Marseille, had ended in victory on October 4. However, he then had to wait until October 17 for Manchester City to play Bournemouth for his big win to be assured. Sure enough, City went on to beat Bournemouth 5 – 1, showing that Wood was right to be confident in his bets.

£0.30 Bet With Odds of 1,666,666/1 Wins £500K

Back in the 2000/01 season Manchester United secured their third consecutive Premier League title. However, they weren’t as successful in Europe with Germany’s Bayern Munich knocking them out of the Champions League in the quarterfinals. However, for one Man United fan, Bayern Munich’s success made his season far better.

The fan had placed a 15-event accumulator in August 2000, before the start of the season. With a bet of just 30p it seems that even the punter though that it was a bit farfetched. On the other hand, with odds of 1.66 million to one, a small bet was enough to generate a massive return.

The punter correctly predicted the winners of the top five English, leagues, three Scottish divisions, the Rugby Union champions and the cricket County Championship, all that was remaining was for Bayern Munich to win the Champions League and secure the huge win.

The game went to penalties and the punter must have been on the edge of their seat. However, Bayern soon won the match and the punter was £500,000 better off.

£1 Bet With Odds of 169,923/1 Wins £170K

A man from Cambridgeshire may still be celebrating his good luck to this day after he managed to win £170,000 within a week of placing his very first bet.

The punter had just opened an account with William Hill in order to try and make some money to put into a savings account for his five month old son. Just a few days later he had a massive sum to put towards his son’s future after placing just eight bets.

After winning the punter admitted that he had no idea that he had won so much money until he logged back into his account in order to check the results. This was probably good for his blood pressure as Leyton Orient came excruciatingly close to ruining the whole bet before Dean Cox scored late on to save the day.

£49.50 Bet With Odds of 1070/1 Cashed Out For £53K

A Betfair customer was probably feeling very lucky when placing a £49.50 accumulator bet on 22 matches towards the end of the 2015/16 season. The punt, originally at 30,303/1, would have returned a massive £1.5 million if the punter had held his nerve throughout.

It seemed that they were going to see the entire bet through as each match was going his way. QPR scored late in extra-time to keep things going and Manchester City had come from behind to beat West Bromwich.

However, just a quarter of an hour before Barcelona were due to start their La Liga match against Real Sociedad, a game that the La Liga giants seemed certain to win, the punter apparently got cold feet and cashed out for a small portion of money that he could have won. Luckily, he made the right decision with Barcelona losing for just the second time in 25 matches. Had he not done so, he would have won precisely nothing.

£100 Bet With Odds of 2000/1 Wins £200K

When Leicester City won the 2015/16 Premier League title many Leicester fans enjoyed some huge payouts. Fans of the sport were delighted to see the underdogs win, but many bookmakers were suffering after offering odds of 5,000/1 at the start of the season on The Foxes winning the league.

It is thought that the result cost the bookmakers close to £20 million in won bets, the largest single market payout in betting history. Furthermore, a number of people chose to cash-out for reduced profits, if they hadn’t then it would have cost the bookies a lot more.

However, one punter, who chose to remain anonymous, did stick it out until the end of the season and won a massive £200,000. If they had placed the bet at the beginning of the season they would have won an even larger £500,000. However, the bet was placed in October, two months into the campaign when the bookmakers had already reduced the odds to 2000/1.

£0.80 Bet With Odds of 683,738/1 Wins £585K

One sports fan set himself a rule when betting, never place a bet of more than £1. However, despite placing small bets, it took just one win for him to receive a fortune.

The fan was from a small village in Malta and he placed a 19-match accumulate on the William Hill website. The final game in the accumulator was between Chelsea and Liverpool in November 2011. The week’s football had pretty much gone as expected with the favourites winning the vast majority of matches.

Chelsea were favourites going into this match and the punter needed Liverpool to win. Liverpool took a first half lead but then Daniel Sturridge levelled things in the second half. It seemed like the game was going to draw until right-back Glen Johnson hit home with just three minutes left to play and won the very lucky punter a massive £585,000.

£2.50 Bet With Odds of 108,800/1 Wins £272K

At the beginning of 2011 one lucky punter won a massive £272,000 from a bet of just £2.50 which, at the time, bookmakers Ladbrokes said was their largest ever payout.

The unknown punter had placed a nine-match accumulator that included victories for underdogs such as Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers. It then concluded with a draw between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey. Considering that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi had finished first, second and third respectively in the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or, betting against Barcelona was very risky.

The game was fast approaching its conclusion and Barcelona had a 1 – 0 lead. However, in the 85th minute Fernando Llorente managed to score and level the game. It didn’t change much for Bilbao, as Barcelona still progressed on away goals, but it won the punter a massive payout.

£100 Bet With Odds of 6542/1 Wins £650K

In-play betting has become extremely popular in recent years and placing an accumulator bet on eight matches that are already in play takes some true guts. Furthermore, betting £100 on eight teams that are already losing is an incredible risk. However, one lucky London based punter did just this and won one of the biggest ever sporting payouts.

The bet was on eight games that had just twenty minutes left on the clock. Many of the predictions seemed incredibly farfetched, such as a draw for West Ham while they were losing 2 – 0 to Stoke, similarly Charlton to draw with Sheffield Wednesday in a game they were losing and the same for Coventry in their match against Leyton Orient.

However, amazingly, all eight of the bets went the right way and the very lucky punter won £650,000 in just twenty minutes!


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