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Punters Continue to Back McGregor to Defeat Mayweather

Punters Continue to Back McGregor to Defeat Mayweather

Betting is continuing to heat up on the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match and despite the fact that Mayweather is unbeaten in 49 fights as a pro, people are beating heavily on McGregor knocking him out.

You can now find odds as short as 9/2 on McGregor winning by knockout, down from 15/2 a short while ago. At some bookmakers, an impressive 95% of bets placed have been on McGregor winning and as a result the odds on him winning have been cut from 11/1 down to 5/1.

The change is also due to a rule change. Mayweather requested that the gloves used be smaller than standard 10oz gloves. The smaller the gloves the harder the punches and McGregor is used to fighting with lighter gloves in MMA fights. If McGregor does become the first to defeat Mayweather then bookmakers stand to lose a fortune.

OCA News Editor