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Bookmakers Face Huge Payouts if Wales Win Euro 2016

Bookmakers Face Huge Payouts if Wales Win Euro 2016

It has certainly been a year of surprises for bookmakers with Leicester City winning the Premier League and Britain voting to leave the EU.

Now some are hoping that there is another surprise coming as a Welsh betting firm faces a £1 million payout to customers if the team wins Euro 2016. At the start of the tournament the team had odds of 100/1 to win and it is understood that some bookmakers took a number of bets before the tournament began.

One of the bookmakers is Corbett Sports, a Welsh betting firm. The company’s managing director said that they are torn, on the one had they would love to see the Welsh team win, on the other they would be facing some huge payouts if Wales did prove to be the surprise winners. Eitherway, they are sure to be watching Wednesday’s match with a great deal of interest.

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