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UK Bookmakers Facing £10 Million Disaster if Leicester Win

UK Bookmakers Facing £10 Million Disaster if Leicester Win

It increasingly looks as if UK bookmakers are facing a £10 million sports betting disaster as Leicester City come closer to winning the league.

Leicester began the season as 5000/1 outsiders to win the league and there were 47 fans that placed bets with Ladbrokes for the team to win the title. So far 23 of these have accepted a lower but guaranteed payout and cashed out but there are still 24 that are hanging on. Last month one fan cashed out for £72,000 from a £50 bet while another punter stands to win £140,000 after putting a £75 each way bet at odds of 1500/1 at William Hill.

There is another punter that placed £10 at William Hill at 5000/1 who could receive an impressive £66,666. With just four games to go the bookmakers will be feeling increasingly nervous as the huge £10 million payout comes closer.

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