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New Jersey Sports Betting Case Heads to Appeals Court

New Jersey Sports Betting Case Heads to Appeals Court

There is good news for sports betting fans in New Jersey after an appeals court voted to reconsider an earlier ruling against the state this week.

This means that the ruling from August which banned sports betting at casinos and racetracks is no longer valid and the full 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia will hear the case.
This is the latest stage in a court battle that has been running for almost three years. It began when the four major professional sports leagues and the National Collegiate Athletic Association sued New Jersey as the state started preparation to offer legal sports betting.

At present only Nevada allows betting on individual games while Delaware offers multigame parlay betting. However, there are hundreds of billions of dollars bet illegally on sports each year.
A number of previous court rulings have sided with the leagues. However, the state argued that two 2-1 rulings by the 3rd Circuit, one in 2013 and the other last August mean that the issue is unresolved.

Attorneys for New Jersey pointed out that 3rd Circuit Judge Julio Fuentes wrote of the two previous rulings that the first held that the state could repeal laws against sports betting while the second said that by doing so it would be in violation of federal law.

The sports leagues say that legalised sports betting will compromise the integrity of the sports and could lead to more instance of games fixing. Those in favour of sports betting have called the leagues’ hypocritical claiming that they condone and profit from fantasy leagues.

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