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The Top Four Premier League Strikers of 2014/15

The Top Four Premier League Strikers of 2014/15

As always last season produced some excellent football in the Premier League but some players impressed more than others.

Wayne Rooney is a world class striker and while some are losing faith in him, time and time again he shows his worth. He is one of the driving forces in Manchester United and is likely to remain so for the next few years to come.

In third place is Harry Kane. He produced some amazing football for Tottenham last season with a large number of goals and it would be hugely surprising if he doesn’t’ continue to grow as a player over the next season.

Second place goes to Chelsea’s Diego Costa. Another heavy scorer, Costa is one of the reason’s that Chelsea enjoyed a relatively easy victory last season. While he hasn’t taken the top spot, he is certainly capable of doing so in the future.

The best sticker last year was certainly Sergio Aguero. He repeatedly scored for Manchester City and it wouldn’t be surprising if with him on side Manchester City can once again claim the title.

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