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The Top Ten Premier League Midfielders 2014/15 – Part Two

The Top Ten Premier League Midfielders 2014/15 – Part Two

Continuing our rundown of the top ten midfielders of the last Premier League season at fifth place is Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil. After coming back from injury he looked energised and stronger than before. Furthermore, he is excellent at spotting passes.

Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson is at number four and his performance last year should be hugely encouraging to Liverpool fans. He works hard in midfield and it pays off with numerous assists and goals.

Third place goes to Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. He manages more goals, passes and dribbles than basically any other Premier League player and is absolutely vital to Chelsea’s attack.

Liverpool also takes the second spot thanks to Philippe Coutinho. He scored two amazing goals last season, against Southampton and Manchester City, and if he keeps producing the goods he could climb higher on this list.

However, the top spot has to go to Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla. Since moving to central midfield he has been excellent. He made numerous goals and assists last season and Wenger has clearly started to view him as one of the most important players on the team.

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