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The Top Three Premier League Defenders of 2014/15

The Top Three Premier League Defenders of 2014/15

While defenders may not get the glory of scoring goals very often, they are none the less crucial to every team.
In third place is Chelsea’s John Terry. While he is getting on in age his performance is not flagging in any way. He reads the game well and despite the fact that he is slightly slower than other players, he is still crucial to his team.

Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny takes second place. Without him on the team they regularly concede far more goals. On average he makes 3.4 interceptions a game in the Premier League and it is obvious that he knows how to organise the defence well.

However, it is Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic that takes the top spot. He is dominant in the air and uses his strength on the ground intelligently. If he continues in his current form it won’t be surprising to see him top this least for a few seasons to come.

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