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The Most Debt Stricken Premier League Clubs

The Most Debt Stricken Premier League Clubs

Football is an expensive game and despite the fact that they are spending millions on players many of the top clubs are suffering financially.

For instance Arsenal is around £240.5 million in debt. It was a difficult decade following the team’s move to the Emirates Stadium but looking at recent purchases it seems that things are easier than they were.

Despite their international popularity it is thought that Manchester United is around £324 million in debt. While they are one of the most commercially successful teams the club has been racking up debt since the Galzer family purchased it back in 2003.

The Premier League club with the most debt is Chelsea and with an estimated debt of £958 million they are a long way behind everyone else. While the club has been reaping in the silverware it has come with a heavy cost. Nonetheless, it is owed to Roman Abromavich and it is unlikely that he’ll be collecting it any time soon.

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