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Premier Leagues top Strikers of 2014/15

Premier Leagues top Strikers of 2014/15

The Premier League season is over so it is time to look at the top strikers of the past year.

Arguably Sergio Aguero can easily take this title after the huge amount of goals that he has scored this season. Nonetheless, some will claim that he hasn’t been the out and out best.

Diego Costa is another possibility as his goals have been key to Chelsea’s success this season. He has scored 19 goals and seems to have completed Chelsea as a team. Unfortunately he has suffered from injuries and had he not his goal count could be even higher.

Harry Kane is another contender after scoring 20 goals for Tottenham Hotspur. Charlie Austin has also had a good season managing 17 goals for QPR. The other candidate for the title is Christian Benteke who has scored 13 goals this season for Villa.

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