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What Was the Best Match of the Premier League 2014/15 Season?

What Was the Best Match of the Premier League 2014/15 Season?

All teams have now played all thirty-eight matches of the 2014/15 season and there were some fantastic matches and some less good matches. Here are some possibilities for the best match of the season.

Tottenham Hotspur’s 5 – 3 defeat of Chelsea on New Year’s Day is definitely a match to remember. Normally three goals would be enough to win a game, but Harry Kane’s team put on a fantastic show to put away five goals of their own.

Alternatively, Chelsea’s 3 – 6 defeat of Everton at Goodison Park in August was hugely enjoyable. This time it was Everton that discovered that three goals aren’t always enough and the fantastic display from Chelsea was just an early sign of why they won the league.

Leicester City’s 5 – 3 defeat of Manchester United was also spectacular to behold. It was the first time that Manchester United had surrendered a two goal lead and lost and by the end of it Ryan Giggs was sitting on the side with one hand covering his eyes.

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