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Managers Look to Strengthen Squads Over Summer Transfer Window

Managers Look to Strengthen Squads Over Summer Transfer Window

While Chelsea may have stormed to victory this season, Jose Mourinho will already be plotting his strategy for next year. As an experienced manager Mourinho knows that next season will be a far greater challenge.

Many teams will be taking advantage of the summer transfer window to build up their teams. In particular Mourinho will be worried about Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. All four teams will be preparing to make purchases in the coming month and prevent a repeat of this season.

Manchester united will be prepared to spend at least £150 million, the same as last year. Louis Van Gaal is looking for a central midfielder, striker, centre-back and a right-back. City as well will be making some huge investments as they try to combat their aging squad.

After Chelsea enjoyed such a straightforward season, football fans can be sure that all managers will be doing their best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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