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The Best Premier League Players of the 2014/15 Season

The Best Premier League Players of the 2014/15 Season

Every football fan will have a theory about who the best player of the last Premier League season was but there are definitely some top contenders.

Chelsea has a number of star players but there’s an argument that Eden Hazard is the player that consistently sent the team forward and created opportunities and goals. He also seemed to be thinking and reacting faster than many of his opponents.

However, some may argue that the title should go to John Terry who provided solid defence throughout the season and was an integral part of Chelsea’s victory. Although it could be Harry Kane who scored 21 goals and scored after just 78 seconds in his England debut.

Another option is Sergio Aguero, the Premier League’s top scorer who put on some amazing displays, especially during City’s 2 – 2 draw with QPR and their 1 – 0 win at Tottenham.

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